The old museum is now closed while we move the collection to the new museum.
Full details of the opening will be posted on the website. 

Kilmurry Museum holds around 400 objects and has considerable integrity as a collection. It has maintained focus on the locality and on its archaeology and history. 

The collections fall into three principal categories

  • Archaeology and historic landscape of this part of the Lee Valley
  • Local history and traditional life.
  • The War of Independence in County Cork and the Civil War.

Within the first category, Kilmurry Museum holds......

  • Quern (grinding) stones, possibly late medieval
  • Stone axe Stone Age date
  • Unfinished stone hammer c. 2000 BC
  • Wooden vessel found in a souterrain in a local ringfort
  • Holy water font, found near Kilmichael early Christian church
  • Cannon ball, Cromwellian period c. 1649

Within the second category......

  • Tools from a smithy
  • Cobblers tools
  • Agricultural implements
  • Railway artefacts from former Cork-Macroom line
  • Kitchen Tongs from Macroom Castle
  • Old school bench
  • 19th and 20th century maps of locality
  • Butter churns
  • Spinning wheel
  • Youghal-made earthenware
  • Original ticket, 1861, opening of Kilmurry Parish church
  • 1891 Parnell medal
  • Sheet music in Gaelic script for tradition air Cnocainin Aerach Chill Mhuire (The Airy Wee Hill of Kilmurry) 
  • Medals and other items from Bishop Edward Galvin, founder of the celebrated Maynooth Mission
  • The kitchen of An tAthair Peadar O Laoghaire, Gaelic scholar and writer, including traditional kitchen dresser and other furniture
  • Books by an tAthair Peadar O Laoghaire
  • An original 1890 hurling stick

Within the third category, Kilmurry Museum holds......

  • Original wheel from a Black and Tan Crossley Tender burnt at the Kilmichael Ambush, presented to the Museum by General Barry
  • Original chassis plate from Crossley Tender at Kilmichael Ambush
  • General Tom Barry's suitcase, presented to the Museum by General Barry
  • Original iron cross marking the site of Kilmichael Ambush
  • Wheel of the hearse which carried the remains of Lord Mayor Terence MacSwiney for burial
  • Death mask of Terence MacSwiney
  • Books, photographs and letters by Terence MacSwiney and other family memorabilia
  • Rifles form the War of Independence
  • Proclamation Poster from 1918 election
  • Prison items from both Kilmainham Gaol and Frongoch Internment Camp