Opening of museum in 1965 by Máire McSwiney Brugha, daughter of republican Lord Mayor Terence McSwiney

Kilmurry Historical and Archaeological Association was founded in the mid 1940s by a group of local people interested in collecting and preserving historical information relating to the Kilmurry district. In the early years, much work was done in identifying, preserving and promoting important

historical sites in the area, such as Beamish’s Tower in Duniskey, the ancient burial site at Kilrovanigh, Kilbarry Church and burial ground, Leacht Neil Wedge Tomb and other sites. The Association also carried out some ambitious recording projects, such as the compilation of a register of the gravestone inscriptions of St. Mary’s Cemetery, Kilmurry and cleaning of the headstones themselves.

Fuelled by growing public interest in the rich local historical heritage a museum was established in Kilmurry and formally opened in 1965. It is sited in a house once occupied by the grandparents of Terence MacSwiney, former Lord Mayor of Cork. Thanks to the continued generosity of the Galvin family, the museum has remained in its original quarters as a public celebration of historic Kilmurry to this day and is eagerly visited by members of the public each year.